WTB - Your old pin toe skis/bindings

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WTB - Your old pin toe skis/bindings

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Hey all - potentially reformed tele skier here. Got tired of lugging all 8+ lbs of my TX pros up the mountain, so I finally caved and found some used modern touring boots. Now on the hunt for skis/bindings/skins.

Wanted to see if anyone locally had an old/neglected pair in their quiver before diving into the depths of ebay. Beggars can't be choosers, so I'm happy to re-mount, Ptex and/or otherwise ski something imperfect for me if the price is right (around the $500 range or under for skis/bindings together? Can be flexible).

"Ideal" setup would be:
165-180 length
80-95 under foot
minimal "race style" bindings mounted for a 296 BSL boot

but like I said I'm quite flexible on features.

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