Wilson Glade Accident ~ Final Report

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Wilson Glade Accident ~ Final Report

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Worth a read, this detailed summary provides valuable insight to this incident.

Regarding Marc’s designation of a specific radio frequency to use, this could be very beneficial to avoid or minimize potential exposure and avalanche incidents involving multiple parties and individuals.
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Re: Wilson Glade Accident ~ Final Report

Post by Bob »

It’s probably the best report I’ve seen.
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Re: Wilson Glade Accident ~ Final Report

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Wow, terrible incident but absolutely amazing and thorough report. Lots to digest. This section jumped out at me:

"They thought any avalanches in that area would be “pockety” and did not think the entire slope would avalanche as it did...
While ascending Wilson Peak, Group A noticed a very large natural avalanche in the Wilson Chutes on the east-facing part of Wilson Peak. They posted a photo of this avalanche on Instagram and tagged the Utah Avalanche Center at 0833...
Group A reached the top of Wilson Peak (9,950 feet). At the top, they discussed how to ski Wilson Glades but never discussed if they should ski it or not. "
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Re: Wilson Glade Accident ~ Final Report

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There is so much to learn from here.
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